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Auto AccidentThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that the United States experienced a significant increase in motor vehicle accident deaths in 2015. In just the first nine months of 2015, the NHTSA has tallied more than 26,000 traffic-related deaths, compared to 23,796 deaths for the same time period in 2014. This represents a nationwide increase of 9.3 percent.

These statistics are especially disconcerting as they come after years of steady decline of motor vehicle fatalities: 1.2 percent decline in 2014 and an overall 22 percent decline from 2000 to 2014. This increase has triggered officials to finding out what the reason is for the increase and the steps that need to be taken in order to reverse the increasing trend.

Regional Summits To Help Investigate the Increasing Trend of Motor Vehicle Accident Deaths

According to the NHTSA administrator, Dr. Mark Rosekind, there are red flags all across the U.S. that point to this troubling increase in traffic deaths. Dr. Rosekind notes that the report indicates that “it’s time to drive behavioral changes in traffic safety and that means taking on new initiatives and addressing persistent issues like drunk driving and failure to wear seatbelts.”

The NHTSA has addressed this issue by hosting a series of regional summit to understand behaviors and choices leading to motor vehicle related deaths. The summits are scheduled to comment in Sacramento, California and end with a national gathering in Washington D.C. The summits will address serious issues such as driving while under the influence of controlled substances (both alcohol and drugs), distracted driving, drowsy driving, speeding, failing to properly buck up, and not using child safety seats. The summits will also focus on the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians.

Negligent Driving Is a Leading Cause of Accidents

NHTSA data points out that the leading cause of automobile accidents is “human factors.” Each state has attempted to combat this leading cause of accidents by implementing its own rules and regulations that are punishable by fines or other types of penalties. For example, California prohibits its motorists to sue handheld devices while operating a vehicle (or bicycle). Drivers can be fined if they fail to abide by these laws.

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