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Not every car accident case should or needs to go trial. In fact in some cases, trial may not be the best option for the injured victim. Most personal injury claims involving motor vehicles settle out of court as long as both parties can use good faith in attempting to settle the case. An experienced Orange County car accident attorney will know when to settle a case and when to proceed to trial.

The Potential Problems of Going to Trial

Going to trial is not always as glamorous as it is depicted on television shows. While there are definite advantages when the facts are right, there are also disadvantages that can yield unwanted results for the accident victim.

Car AccidentBelow are some possible disadvantages for taking certain car accident claims to trial:

  •  Juries can be unpredictable. Not all juries are sympathetic. And they may not always show their apathy during jury selection. As such, there is always the risk that you may get stuck with a jury member or members who may resent being on the panel or have something in their past that will make them vote against the injured party, regardless of how strong the facts are in your favor.
  • Determining the value of the case. An experienced trial attorney may be able to put on a convincing case as to how much his personal injury case is worth. However, he always runs the risk that the jury members will nevertheless make up their own mind regardless of the strong facts shown during trial.
  • Cost of going trial. The gamble of taking a car accident case to trial can get very pricey for both sides. There is the cost of experts, court costs, and other costs to prepare for trial, which can cut into whatever settlement is reached.

Trial May Be The Only Option

Despite the disadvantages of going to trial, in certain cases it may be the best or only option. Whenever you file a car accident claim, you have to know that going to trial is a possibility. As such, it is imperative that you choose an Orange County personal injury attorney who is prepared to litigate and has the experience and resources to successfully take your case all the way through.

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