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Bus accident attorney LawyerThe California Highway Patrol has investigated the California bus accident that claimed the lives of the driver and four vacationing French tourists in April 2009. The CHP issued a report about the accident recently. Accident investigators hinted that fatigue may have been a contributing factor in the accident, but had determined that the driver of the bus had made an unsafe turn that caused his bus to strike a guardrail and overturn near Soledad.

Officials said that the driver had not been wearing a seatbelt and that the impact threw him through the windshield, causing fatal injuries. The four French tourists also suffered fatal injuries, and dozens of passengers were injured in the bus accident, some seriously.

CHP Sgt. Tim Neumann was one of the investigating officers and said, “The actual cause of the collision ended up being the unsafe turning movement. There was also enough evidence for us (to find) that he was fatigued prior to the collision.”

Several passengers told Neumann that they had seen the driver dozing off periodically and reported that this had caused him to miss a few exits. Toxicology tests showed that the driver had no alcohol or other substances in his blood at the time of the accident, and accident investigators found no mechanical problems with the bus that would have contributed to the accident.

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