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personal injury lawyerBefore retaining the services of an Orange County personal injury attorney, you may be curious as to what those services will entail. The answer varies, and it depends on the nature of your case. Here are some things that personal injury attorneys often do for their clients.The activity that most clients associate with personal injury attorneys is negotiating with the insurance company. This comes with a number of additional responsibilities, however, such as submitting the initial demand letter and making decisions about whether or not to hire a mediator.

Your attorney will also begin collecting evidence. This serves two purposes. First, evidence can be used as leverage during negotiations. Showing strong evidence during negotiations can help convince the insurance company that it would be unlikely to win a lawsuit, which in turn makes settlement more likely. Second, if your case does proceed to trial, this evidence is used for your case.

The evidence that your attorney collects includes photos of your injury, photos of the scene of the accident, the testimony of lay witnesses, and the testimony of paid expert witnesses. As part of collecting evidence, your attorney will need to request evidence form the other side. This is called discovery, and it may involve sending lists of questions to the other side, which the defendant is required to answer. Through discovery, your attorney should have a chance to look at each piece of evidence that the other side is preparing to use for its defense.

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