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A passenger van full of college students on their way to San Diego rolled over recently resulting in serious injuries for at least one occupant. Accident investigators say that the 12-passenger van was carrying a full load of Central Arizona College students when it encountered road construction. According to one accident victim, the driver was traveling at a high rate of speed and apparently did not realize there was road construction going on when he swerved to avoid the construction and caused his van to roll several times.

personal injury attorneyOne passenger reportedly suffered a severe head injury, and several other students received treatment for undisclosed injuries. It has been widely reported that 12- and 15-passenger vans are among the most dangerous vehicles on the road for their instability and tendency to roll over. Accident investigators have proven repeatedly that when fully loaded, these vans are especially prone to over-steering when making emergency maneuvers, which cause drivers to lose control. Samer Habbas and other Southern California passenger van rollover attorneys have been strong advocates for safer passenger van design and improved safety features. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has even issued a safety warning about these vehicles.

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