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How to Pay Your Medical Bills After a Personal Injury Accident

loss-of-ConsortiumIf you’ve been injured in an accident, usually one of the first concerns that come to mind is whether you will be able to pay for the medical bills to treat your injury. The payment of medical bills can be quite complicated if you can’t pay immediately as they are incurred. There is also a waiting game involved, because you and your Orange County personal injury lawyer will have to wait until after the settlement or court verdict to actually pay the bills.

First, rest assured: many doctors and medical facilities are willing to wait to get paid for medical services until after your case is resolved, either through settlement or a court verdict. That means you can get treated for your injury immediately, even if you’re not able to pay for the medical bills on the spot. Just make sure that you notify your medical providers, as soon as possible and early in the process, that you do not have insurance or the ability to pay for medical bills as they are incurred.

Once a settlement or court verdict is reached, your Orange County personal injury lawyer will withhold your money in order to pay the doctors or medical facilities for the medical bills that you have incurred. Often, you will have to sign a subrogation or lien form with your doctor or medical facility that gives your lawyer permission to withhold enough money to directly pay them from your insurance settlement.

The insurance company for the person, persons, or company that caused your injury will usually have a policy of not paying your medical bills as they are incurred. This is because insurance companies are reluctant to pay a huge amount for your medical bills as they are incurred and then be faced later on with a huge, unreasonable final monetary demand at settlement. (Usually, an unreasonable final settlement amount leads to a lawsuit, which can be extremely costly to defend.)

In addition, insurance companies do not pay medical bills as they are incurred because they prefer to pay one lump sum. Insurance companies will thus wait until your Orange County personal injury lawyer sends them a letter of demand. That’s when the insurance company will try to settle everything with one payment.

Paying for treatments for your injuries can be stressful, especially if you’re not able to pay the medical bills immediately as they are incurred. Experienced Orange County personal injury lawyer Samer Habbas may be able to help. For a free initial consultation, simply fill out the form on the top right-hand corner of this page.

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