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 Accident AttorneyEvery insurance company is wary of fraud, and a substantial part of their business is ascertaining the legitimacy of the personal injury claims filed. Although not all claims are fraudulent, because some are, insurance companies take their investigations very seriously—sometimes even to the extreme. As increasing numbers of claimants and Orange County accident lawyers are discovering, one of the most common forms of investigation is through the use of social networks.

Social networking has become a significant part of our society. We use these networks to communicate with our friends, family and inadvertently people we may not even know. Some people even communicate the most intimate details of their lives on social networks.

Although social networking has the benefits of helping us stay in communication with people we are not in contact with on a regular basis, it has its downfalls too. Social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, can be an important pool of information for certain people we may not be aware of. A perfect example is the use of these websites by insurance company investigators as evidence or an excuse to deny a personal injury claim, even if the information is used out of context.

In order to avoid such unnecessary obstacles in getting the just compensation that you deserve for the injuries you suffered, you should hire an Orange County accident lawyer to guide you and handle your claim.

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