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California officials are investigating a plane crash that occurred on a Sunday afternoon in which four Californian aid workers died across the U.S./Mexico border in Baja California.

A Beechcraft A36 took off in Ensenada and was apparently bound for San Quintin. Experts said the plane hit a foothill that was projecting up nearly 4,000 feet, and it landed in a mesa area in the tough terrain around Baja. Those on board were two doctors, a medic and the pilot.

The FAA is conducting an investigation into this incident with Mexican authorities.

Airplane accidents are a major cause of fatality in California and across the country. Small planes are specifically vulnerable to different kinds of catastrophic landing scenarios. Many of these involve bad weather and resulting poor visibility, but many others involve lack of pilot training, pilot distraction or some other type of human error. Poor judgment on the part of a pilot can doom an entire flight, and even the most elite small plane services still leave passengers with a certain amount of risk.

When California citizens and families have to handle a tragic loss in a plane crash situation, many rely on professional wrongful death attorneys to look into the details of the case to establish what factors contributed to the crash and whether the transport company or other parties may have liability.

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