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A competent Orange County personal injury attorney will likely select themes for a trial after taking the specifics of each of his or her clients’ distinctive cases under consideration. Good themes can help to shrink the case down to unifying principles that are far broader than the actual case itself. A theme should be straightforward, clear, and succinct.

Personal injury lawyer-Samer habbasWhile juries typically reach a conclusion with respect to their first impression of an attorney and his or her client prior to the opening statement, this is still the first time in which the lawyer will have to impress the jury with his or her client’s story. In sum, the theme is actually the moral of the client’s story. It should grab hold to the attention of the audience and set the stage for the story that the lawyer is about to share.

There are several examples of possible opening lines that your Orange County personal injury attorney might use in an effort to grab the jury’s attention at the beginning of the opening statement. For instance, he or she may start with, “This is a case about…” This type of opening statement may work well in cases where the attorney would like to persuade the jury to disregard all of the other complex topics and distractions of the trial and focus on one primary cause.

Another opening that might be used is one that acts like a “teaser” of sorts to capture the attention of the jurors. An example of such a statement would be, “The operation that my client was having was to be like any other ordinary operation.” People go through routine acts all the time; that’s why using this type of statement might remind jurors that the hurtful event that happened to your client could ultimately happen to anyone of them at any given time.

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