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Los Angeles can boast many things, including great weather and beautiful scenery. However, what it can’t boast is smooth roads that are pothole free. Potholes can result in a jarring ride, sometimes even worse. Anyone who has driven over a pothole can attest that it is not only a jolting experience for the passengers, but also a disaster for the vehicle.Car accident attorney lawyer

So who bears the responsibility for your damaged vehicle after going over a pothole? What can you do?

Can I Get Compensation?

Getting compensation for vehicle damage due to a pothole can be difficult, but not impossible. Determining who is responsible is half the battle. The other half is having the responsible party actually compensate you for your damages.

In order to obtain the damages that you deserve, you need to consider the following important factors:

  • You will need to determine which municipality is responsible for the pothole-laden road.
  • You need to find out whether the municipality had prior notice about the pothole and had sufficient time to repair it.
  • You need to provide evidence that the pothole caused the damage.
  • You need to provide evidence of the cost to repair the damage caused by the pothole.
  • You need to file a claim and negotiate a payment.

Even if you meet these important criteria, you are still not guaranteed compensation. However, with the help of an experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney, you will increase your chances of obtaining the compensation that you deserve.

Contact an Experienced Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

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