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The mark of an auto accident attorney in Orange County is that he takes steps to prepare for a car accident claim that some may not occur to other attorneys.

Actions that an Experienced Attorney Might Take
For example, an experienced auto accident attorney in Orange County will do the following:

  • The attorney will request a copy of the police report from the state‚Äôs reporting agency.
  • The attorney will also take photographs of your car, showing damage both inside and outside the vehicle.
  • The attorney will try to find the names and contact information of objective witnesses, i.e., witnesses not affiliated with either party. The attorney will then obtain statements from them regarding estimated speed and distance of the vehicles.
  • An especially conscientious attorney will visit the scene of the accident as soon as possible and take pictures. It is crucial that the photographs that are taken depict the scene as close to as it was during the accident as possible. This means reaching the scene before it rains, before the street is cleaned, etc.
  • The attorney will also seek to make a strong first impression on the insurance adjuster during the first phone call. If the adjuster is impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of the attorney, the adjuster will likely be more willing to negotiate.
  • In more expensive cases (more than $50,000), the attorney should try to speak with the investigating police officer. Many attorneys consider this step more trouble than it is worth, as reaching the officer can be difficult. However, an experienced auto accident attorney in Orange County knows when the officer might serve as an invaluable witness at a trial. By meeting with the officer, the officer might be more inclined to give testimony favorable to your case.
  • The attorney will also shield his client from the insurance company while the client is recuperating. The client may not be in the clearest frame of mind while recovering from injury, and as such may accidently say something to compromise his case.

Get Help from a Dedicated Auto Accident Attorney
An experienced auto accident attorney in Orange County, Samer Habbas will take these steps for you. Maximize the odds that you receive the compensation you deserve for your losses and call today for a free initial consultation.