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Good preparation for a deposition may lead to a higher settlement. In addition to the advice your Orange County personal injury lawyer gives you for preparing, consider the following:

  • Before the deposition, carefully read through your previous discovery responses and any other documents your Orange County personal injury lawyer asks you to review.
  • Dress neatly and professionally, as if you were going on a job interview.
  • Let the opposing lawyer finish asking a question before you answer.
  • Think carefully about each answer before you speak.
  • Try to look the opposing attorney in the eye as much as possible.
  • Answer audibly and clearly.
  • Tell the truth, even if you think it might hurt you. Your credibility is the key to success. It’s much better to admit a bad fact than to get caught in a lie.
  • Be polite. Don’t argue with the defense lawyer.
  • Don’t agree just because the defense attorney asks you to agree. Some defense attorneys try to trick you by making several statements that are true. Then, they suggest another statement which may not be true, but because you are used to agreeing, you agree to something that you should not.
  • Answer only the precise question you are asked. Do not explain your answer unless you are asked to do so.

For further advice on how to prepare for a deposition, contact Orange County personal injury lawyer Samer Habbas by filling out the form on this page. The initial consultation is free of charge.