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Personal injury lawyer-Samer habbasA deposition is an important aspect of any lawsuit. How you conduct yourself and how you answer the questions at your deposition may significantly impact the outcome of your claim. The only way to ensure that your deposition proceeds successfully is to be prepared. The assistance of your Riverside personal injury lawyer will be invaluable during this process.

First, you need to realize is that your words at a deposition are essentially ammunition for the other side. And the opposing counsel will not hesitate to use this ammunition against you at trial. For this reason, it is imperative that you choose your words carefully and do not offer more information than necessary. You should only answer the questions you are asked. The more you say, the more you are tied into your statement if your case proceeds to trial.

Second, your Riverside personal injury lawyer will warn you that the opposing counsel will use the deposition as a tool to gauge your credibility as a witness during trial. As such, it is important to make a good witness at your deposition. Answer questions in a loud and clear voice. Dress appropriately, as if going to court. And don’t appear nervous and anxious. Chances are that if the opponent sees that you will make a good witness at trial, he or she may be more likely to avoid trial and engage in settlement.

Third, your testimony at your deposition must be consistent with all previous testimony or sworn statements you may have provided to anyone regarding your injuries and accident. If your testimony is inconsistent, your credibility is diminished. And if your credibility is diminished, the success of your case will be jeopardized.

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