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When you sit for your deposition in your personal injury case, you will probably feel a little nervous about being asked so many questions by the defense counsel. But your Irvine personal injury attorney will help you and tell you what to expect at the deposition so you feel more comfortable.

You may be asked questions such as whether you have talked to anybody else about the case or whether you gave any written or oral statements about the incident that caused your injuries. Answer these questions truthfully; it is ok to tell the attorney who recorded your statement, or with whom you have discussed the incident, be it family, friends or business associates.

You may be asked to draw a diagram of the scene of the incident and what happened. It may be helpful to try drawing a diagram before your deposition and showing it to your personal injury attorney. You should make clear in your answer on the record that you are not an expert on distances or details and the drawing is to the best of your memory.

You may expect that your Irvine personal injury attorney will ask you a lot of questions, but in fact your attorney might not ask you any. Any questions asked by your attorney may end up hurting your case. Your attorney might clarify certain answers but will probably not ask any questions him or herself at the deposition.

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