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Personal injury lawyer-Samer HabbasThe importance of your testimony at your injury trial cannot be overstated. In part one of this article, Orange County personal injury lawyer Samer Habbas discussed the need for telling the truth and being respectful. Here are two more helpful tips.

3. Review Your Answers to Earlier Questions. By the time you get to trial, you will already have been asked questions by the defense attorney twice: in written format through interrogatories and in person at the deposition. It is important to make sure that your answers are the same at all three stages. Even if you are not trying to be dishonest, it is easy to get facts mixed up, especially when it comes to medical treatment you have received.

Before your testimony, your Orange County personal injury lawyer should help you review the written responses to interrogatories and the transcript from your deposition. With these answers fresh in your memory, you will be better able to answer the same way at trial.

4. Dress and Behave Appropriately. Your trial is not the place to try to be funny. Nor is it the place to wear your flashiest clothes or a lot of jewelry. You want to appear relatable to the jury, and if you behave inappropriately, you will risk alienating them. If you look like you are not taking the trial seriously, jurors will interpret it as you not respecting their time and will turn against you.

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