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Personal injury attorney lawyerYour Orange County personal injury attorney will make every effort make a recovery for you by trying to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. However, there is a chance that negotiations will reach an impasse, and your attorney will advise you that the only way for you to recover a reasonable amount of damages is to file a lawsuit. If you decide to proceed with a lawsuit, here are some of the initial steps your attorney will take to prepare for trial.

First, your attorney will need to perform some preliminary preparation before any actual legal work is done. He will check the statute of limitations for your claim to see when the suit needs to be filed by. He will also verify the contact information for all parties in the trial, including the name and address of the defendant and his attorney. He will also need to verify which court has jurisdiction over your case.

Your attorney should have acquired all the necessary evidence for your case over the course of negotiating with the insurance company, but this is the time to make sure all the evidence is in order, be they witness statements photographs or what have you. This process may involve preparing witness summaries, so the attorney can know at a glance who is testifying for which side and about what. He may also contact expert witnesses who can testify about your injury or the accident.

Having an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney is vital as you proceed to litigation. Make sure you have one from the start. Call Samer Habbas today at  (888) 848-5084 for a free initial consultation.