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Every experienced Orange County personal injury attorney is familiar with the difficulties from the insurance companies faced by personal injury claimants who have soft tissue injuries. Insurance adjusters are always dubious of soft tissue injuries, and this can make negotiating a reasonable settlement very difficult.

Car Accident AttorneyOne of the main issues faced by claimants with soft tissue injuries is the fact that the cause of such injuries are often very difficult to prove. There is little doubt that a broken bone was caused by some substantial application of force (such as from a car accident), but the cause of a reoccurring pain in one’s neck can be much more ambiguous. If the insurance company can find anything to suggest that your injury was not caused by the insured but rather from some pre-existing condition, it may refuse to make a settlement offer at all.

The second major issue is the fact that soft tissue injuries often do not leave visible evidence. As a result, the insurance adjuster may doubt that you are injured at all or that you are exaggerating the nature of your injury or its effects. A doctor’s evaluation of your injury may help your case, but once the adjuster suspects that you of exaggerating about your injury, it is very difficult to change his mind.

Whether you have a soft tissue injury or not, you do not want to be stuck dealing with the insurance companies alone. Call experienced Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas today for a free initial consultation.