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As part of our emphasis on client education, our California defective drugs attorneys would like you to know that while each defective drug and product liability case is unique, pharmaceutical product liability claims fall under three categories:

  • Defectively manufactured drugs

This type of claim includes people who have suffered an injury due to pharmaceuticals that are contaminated, were not manufactured properly or both.

  • Drugs with dangerous side effects

These defective drug claims cover people who have been injured by a drug that has unforeseen side effects that were not detected during testing. Drug manufacturers spend an enormous amount of money to develop these pharmaceuticals and have been known to deliberately overlook disclosing potential dangers of their products.

  • Improperly marketed drugs

Product Liability ClaimsThis category of defective drug claims involves the manufacturer failing to provide proper warnings, instructions or recommendations about using the product. These claims can involve failing to notify users of potentially dangerous interactions with other drugs, improper dosage recommendations and other failures to safeguard users of the product.As our Orange County defective drug lawyers will tell you during your free consultation, in order to be successful in seeking damages against a drug manufacturer, you will have to prove the following:

  • Using these drugs caused you to be injured.
  • The pharmaceutical drug was not marketed properly, contaminated and/or defective.
  • The drug’s defect or improper marketing directly led to you suffering an injury.

Drug companies have vast resources to defend themselves in defective drug litigation. If you feel that a dangerous drug caused you or a close family member to become injured, call our Los Angeles dangerous drugs attorneys today at 888.848.5084 to schedule a free consultation. Our pharmaceutical litigation lawyers have the experience, resources and aggressiveness to take on the big drug corporations.