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The Half Moon Bay Review tells the story of a woman who refuses to give up on her quest for justice concerning the unsolved boating accident that claimed the lives of her brother and another fisherman.

Elizabeth Pennisi-Nozicka claims that her brother, Captain David “Rowdy” Pennisi, was the victim of a collision between his boat (the Relentless, a small fishing vessel) and a transoceanic shipping freighter. In 2004, Pennisi and another fisherman steered out into the waters off Half Moon Bay, CA, and disappeared. Scraps of lumber from the boat were later discovered near the boat’s last known location, which is less than two miles from a busy shipping lane for international shipping freighters.

Coast Guard officials investigating the disappearance of Pennisi and the Relentless have found no conclusive evidence to support Elizabeth Pennisi-Nozicka’s claims. In spite of this lack of support from the Coast Guard, Pennisi-Nozicka has continued in her quest for justice in the matter of her brother’s death.

Boating accidents are a serious issue in the coastal waters of California. In addition to the pleasure and leisure boaters who fish and tour the coast, a multitude of huge shipping freighters ply the waters to and from California’s port cities. Long Beach is one of the busiest seaports in the world, and the port of Los Angeles alone brings in over 190 million tons of cargo each year. Given the size and scope of the shipping industry in California, collisions seem inevitable.

However, that does not relieve state government of the responsibility to safeguard the waters for all to use and enjoy. Nor does it mitigate the responsibility of shipping companies to promptly compensate those harmed by their actions. If you have any questions regarding boating accidents, please contact the California personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Samer Habbas.