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personal injury attorneyReports from the state of California indicate that investigations into funeral home practices may continue into 2011. Articles from a blog called Your Funeral Guy and other independent remarks follow a potential investigation into the California Funeral Directors Association, a group charged with oversight of various funeral home abuse and related practices.

One of the aspects of ongoing debates about possible funeral home “scamming” is related to prepaid funeral services. In these contracts, families may reserve funeral services up front with a deposit. Some consumer advocates claim that these programs, in many states, can violate the idea of a good faith agreement between a customer and a service provider.

Prepaid services are not the only area of controversy regarding funeral home abuse and related practices in the state of California. Too often, investigations reveal practices by funeral homes and businesses related to the mortuary industry that do not respect the rights of customers and the dignity of deceased individuals. Many families have chosen to rely on an attorney to help them proceed when they feel there may be something awry in their dealings with a local mortuary business.

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