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One of the many benefits of having an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney as you litigate your personal injury case is that your attorney can protect you from unscrupulous defense attorneys.

Personal Injury AttorneyFor example, if the defense attorney repeatedly asks to go off the record during a deposition, an experienced personal injury attorney will immediately recognize it as a warning that the defense attorney may try something inappropriate. Your attorney will then request that the court reporter stay on the record, and point out to the court reporter that a request to stay on the record overrides any requests to go off the record. Your attorney will then tell the defense attorney that the deposition will only go off the record if both attorneys agree to it.

Another common abusive tactic that your personal injury attorney will protect you from are repeated, redundant questions used to try and trap you rather than to gather information. Generally, people are likely to provide unnecessary and inconsistent details if asked to repeat themselves over and over, even if they are telling the truth. The defense attorney may be trying to damage your credibility by goading you into making an inconsistent statement. In this event, your attorney will inform the defense that he believes the question has been adequately answered, and to not ask the question again.

Success in a personal injury lawsuit is in large part dependent on the expertise of the personal injury attorney handling the case. Make sure you have an experienced and knowledgeable one like Samer Habbas. Call him today at 888-848-5084 for a free initial consultation.

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