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You got into a car accident. It is clear that the other party was at fault. You are wondering whether you have to notify your own insurance company. While you may not be required to notify your insurance company, it is still a good idea to do so for several reasons.Car Accident

Disputed Fault

Liability in most car accidents is often not clear. There is always room for dispute by either party, even in rear end collision. As such, even if the other party admitted fault at the scene of the accident, it is in your best interest to file a claim with your own insurance company.

Preserving Your Right to Future Claims

Another reason why you should notify your own insurance about an accident is to have an official record of what occurred. If want to file a claim in the future with your own insurance for underinsured motorist payment, you may have lost your opportunity by not notifying your insurance company as your policy specifies.

Likewise, even if the other party admitted fault, he may later dispute it and you will have to file a claim with your own insurance company. It is better to avoid having to explain why you did not notify them immediately after the accident. The bottom line is, even if the accident was not your fault, it is still a good idea to notify your own insurance company.

Cash Payments

The other driver may ask you not to notify your insurance company and instead accept cash for your damages instead. While accepting the quick cash may seem easier and it may avoid the hassle of dealing with the insurer, you will likely regret it if you later discover that your property damage is more than you realized, or that you are suffering from injuries that took a while to emerge.

Consult with an Experienced Car Accident Attorney in Southern California

Only an experienced car accident attorney can advise you regarding your rights following an accident, whether or not you were at fault. For more information and to schedule a free consultation with an Orange County car accident lawyer, call the Law Offices of Samer Habbas today at 888.848.5084.