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Personal injury attorney lawyerIt may be the case that, despite all efforts towards fruitful negotiations, your personal injury lawyers in Orange County find that the best option for getting you the money you deserve is to file a lawsuit. In such a case, your lawyers will handle most of the actual work behind the litigation. Despite this, you still have some responsibilities during the litigation process that you must fulfill in order to ensure that your lawyer has everything he needs to do his job.

Your foremost responsibility will be to stay in communication with your attorneys. Return all phone calls, and read any letters sent. Some of those calls and letters will be time-sensitive. You’ll also need to keep your attorneys informed. If there are any developments in the status of your injury, make sure you tell your attorneys. Also inform your attorneys of any major life changes that would affect your financial status (such as being laid off, going through a divorce, etc.).

In addition, your other basic responsibility is to track every instance that your injury costs you money. This includes any medical bills and any lost wages while your injury keeps you from work. You may already have been keeping an expense journal during the negotiation process, but it becomes doubly important that you keep it accurate and up to date during the litigation process.

Following these simple instructions will allow personal injury lawyers in Orange County to focus on getting you the money you deserve. Call the Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates Inc. P.C. at (888) 848-5084 for assistance with your injury claim.