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Personal-Injury-ClaimsThe first step in the personal injury lawsuit is for the plaintiff’s Orange County personal injury lawyer to send a demand letter to the opposing party or the insurance company. A demand letter is a clear statement indicating that the plaintiff intends to file a civil lawsuit unless the opposing party meets the plaintiff’s demands. Customarily, a demand letter will give the other party a stated number of days in which to respond to the plaintiff’s demands. Following the demand letter, the settlement process may begin.

The settlement process can last anywhere from two weeks to a year or more. If the facts of the case and the issues of liability are straightforward, the settlement process usually progresses quickly. However, many factors determine whether your attorney will be able to settle your personal injury case quickly. For example, if the insurance adjuster is busy with several other cases, it will take longer for the adjuster to address your claim, thus making the settlement process lengthy. In addition, if several parties are responsible for your injuries, or if you are partially liable for the accident, the settlement process may take a long time because it will be necessary to determine each party’s relative liability.

Whether the plaintiff received prompt medical treatment following the accident may also affect the length of the settlement process because an issue may arise regarding whether the plaintiff’s injuries were a direct result of the accident. An Orange County personal injury lawyer will have more information regarding the specifics of your case and will explain to you any factors that may cause the settlement process to be lengthy.

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