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Personal injury lawyer-Samer habbasAbuse in any form is reprehensible. It takes courage for a victim to be able to speak up and face his or her abuser in court. Knowing the abuser is behind bars does not erase the overwhelming sadness, confusion and anger that can follow a victim for life.One of the most shocking types of sexual abuse is at the hands of members of the clergy. The role of a priest is supposed to include teaching, guiding and sanctifying. Priests are human, however, and commit cases of abuse and other crimes just like the rest of the population.

Priests have many opportunities to be alone with children including spending time with altar boys and girls, coaching sports teams, teaching religious education, organizing church activities, etc. These predators know just the right way to manipulate their victims into keeping the abuse secret. Sometimes the abuse goes on for years before the priest chooses another victim or the victim grows too old to be desirable to the abuser.

Years ago, if a priest molested a member of his congregation, the pastor and/or bishop would secretly transfer him to another parish. Although speculation among church members could suggest abuse, no one ever knew for sure. In most cases, the abuser then exhibited the same behavior in the new location.

Just last month, however, victims received a small victory for clergy abuse cases. The Supreme Court ruled not to dismiss an Oregon abuse case against the Roman Catholic Church brought by a sexual abuse victim. This ruling opens up opportunities for Southern California clergy abuse attorneys to empower their clients to fight for restitution and justice.

The clergy abuse attorneys at The Law Offices of Samer Habbas are following this case very closely. If a priest or member of a church abused you, call us in confidence at 888.848.5084. Getting help is the key to your recovery.

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