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In an unsettling case in Bell Gardens, local animal control workers discovered a snake  living in a heating/cooling vent after it bit a 15-year-old boy.

Animal control officials came to the home on Ajax Avenue near Loveland Street to remove the snake, which had been living in the walls since before the family moved into the property, according to local reports.

Personal injury lawyer-Samer HabbasExperts identified the snake as a boa constrictor, and the child did not face life-threatening injuries. However, this story says a lot about the real risks of personal injury from animals that may be either wild or domestic depending on different situations. Orange County struggles with animal control issues when buyers obtain animals illegally, fail to use appropriate care to contain them or neglect to shield the community from dangers related to their pets. This story could have turned out much differently if another variety of snake had been in the home.

In personal injury cases where a dangerous animal injures someone, the chain of liability can be hard to follow if the animal’s owner is not immediately available. Parties involved in property management or those with knowledge of the existence of exotic animals on a property may have legal responsibility in a snake bite case or similar incident.

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