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personal injury attorneyWhile most insurance adjusters are good people just trying to do their jobs, some less-than-scrupulous adjusters may actively attempt to stall your claim. This is with the knowledge that delays in the claims process affect you much more it does the insurance company, since you may need the settlement money for food, rent, or living expenses.

Fortunately, experienced Orange County personal injury attorneys will recognize the warning signs that your insurance adjuster might be deliberately trying to stall your claim.

One such warning sign is if the adjuster refuses to pay uncontested parts of a multipart claim before settling the entire claim. This is essentially holding some of your money hostage in order to force you to accept a lower settlement than you would otherwise. A claims adjuster may, for example, refuse to pay the uncontested bodily injury portion of your claim while you negotiate the automobile property damage claim. You would then feel undue pressure to settle the automobile claim while your medical bills mounted.

Another major warning sign is if the adjuster tries to convince you to use your own insurance to pay your medical bills. In personal injury claims, the other party’s insurance is supposed to pay for your medical expenses.

By nature of the claims process, the claimant is always more vulnerable than the insurance company. If your injuries prevent you from working, the settlement money may be your only financial support for a while. If you suspect that you are being given the runaround by the insurance adjuster, call experienced Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas today. The initial consultation is free of charge.