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Slip and Fall accident attorneyWhenever an individual gets hurt during a slip and fall, one of the first things on that person’s mind is to get the medical treatment that he or she needs for the injuries sustained.  However, eventually as those injuries begin to heal and the bills start to increase, those individuals might begin to think about seeking compensation from the owner of the property where the fall took place.  If that is your situation, you need to seek the services of a Los Angeles medical malpractice lawyer to assist you with your potential claim.

How Much Time Do You Have to File?
In California, injured victims need to be mindful of the fact that once they’ve been injured, the clock starts to run on the amount of time they will be given to file a lawsuit for their injuries.  The statute of limitations is two years in these types of cases; so, the sooner you can hire a Los Angeles medical malpractice lawyer, the better.  You most likely will get a call or visit from the property owner’s insurance adjuster; however, keep in mind that the insurance adjuster’s job is to pay you as little as possible.  But, if you have a lawyer who has experience with representing slip and fall clients, he or she can take care of settlement negotiations to make sure that you receive a reasonable and fair amount for your injuries.

Quite often, the more severe your injuries are, the sooner you should hire a Los Angeles medical malpractice lawyer to help you with your claim.  Such attorneys are aware of the statute of limitations in your area, and they stay mindful of the ticking clock so that if settlement negotiations don’t work out, you will be able to file your lawsuit prior to the lapse of the two-year time limitation. That said, if you need a Los Angeles medical malpractice lawyer, please call Samer Habbas at 888-848-5084 for a free consultation today to discuss your options.

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