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After the completion of all of the necessary investigation and research, your Orange County auto accident attorney will stay in contact with you in order to receive updates on your progress towards recovery. Ensuring that you communicate with your lawyer throughout the process will not only strengthen your case, it will keep you updated on the status of your claim.

Most people who pursue personal injury cases related to car accidents hope to end with a settlement. In order to settle, you will need to decide what an acceptable range of settlement is for you. Your Orange County car accident lawyer will then send a letter of demand to the insurance company.

Car accident attorney lawyerThe letter of demand is a formal expression of the intent to initiate settlement discussions. In addition, it summarizes the most significant parts of your claim. After receiving the letter of demand, the insurance carrier’s claims adjuster will secure the authority to settle by meeting with appropriate supervisors. The adjuster will respond to the letter after reaching the authorized final figure. Your Orange County car accident attorney and the insurance adjuster will then negotiate until they reach an agreement.

Some factors that can affect the amount of time it takes to complete negotiations include how many cases are handled by the insurance adjuster and the nature of the insurance company. Written correspondence, telephone communication, and office conferences are sometimes all that is needed to complete a settlement agreement. An experienced car accident attorney in Irvine can help you to reach a settlement with the insurance company more quickly. Please call (888) 848-5084 to schedule a free consultation with Samer Habbas.