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Personal injury lawyer-Samer habbasIt is not uncommon for negotiations between the insurance adjuster and your Orange County personal injury attorney to come to a standstill. However an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney knows how to restart stalled negotiations. Here are some of the tactics he may use:

1. Work with the Adjuster.

An experienced attorney knows when it would be advantageous to work with the claims adjuster instead of against him. If the claims adjuster is not purposefully stalling, the hold-up in the negotiations may be because the adjuster needs some document or piece of evidence before he can proceed.

The trick to this is to get a commitment that negotiations will resume once whatever has been procured is in the adjuster’s hands.

2. Get the Adjuster to Commit to a Timeline.

Experienced personal injury attorneys also know when to press the adjuster to commit to a timeline. If the adjuster gives an estimate for how long it will take him to investigate your claim, your attorney knows when to follow up on the adjuster’s investigation and can pressure him if the estimated date comes and goes.

3. Document Everything.

Experienced personal injury attorneys also document his agreements with and commitments to the claims adjuster. If the insurer fails to meet state-law or industry standards regarding investigation timelines, your attorney can use this documentation as leverage to resume negotiations.

An experienced Orange County personal injury attorney is simply your best chance of receiving the settlement you deserve on a personal injury claim. Call Samer Habbas today for a free initial consultation.