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Brain Injury attorney LawyerSuccessfully proving a traumatic brain injury to a jury at trial is not an easy task for an Irvine brain injury attorney. The attorney must be careful to explain how the brain is injured in simple terms that the lay jury can easily understand. As such, the attorney must have knowledge of how the brain works in order to be able to properly explain it.

Explaining How the Brain Is Injured in Simple Terms

The human brain is a delicate matter that floats in cerebrospinal fluid in the skull. Even though the skull’s job is to protect the vulnerable brain from outside forces, it does not provide a perfectly effective barrier that is necessary in serious accidents.

The skull, although strong and hard, has sharp linings that can cause serious damage to the brain when an outside force causes it to suddenly move in the enclosed cavity. When a force causes the brain to propel against these sharp edges, it can cause bruising, bleeding and destruction of important nerve cells.

For instance, in a major car accident when a car comes to a screeching halt, the victims are thrust forward. Although they come to a sudden stop, their brain, which is suspended inside their skulls, continues to move and strikes the interior ridges of the skull.

Use of Diagrams and Re-Enactments

Although the above explanation uses simple terms to explain how a victim can suffer a traumatic brain injury in an accident, the Irvine brain injury attorney should also use diagrams, re-enactments or a replica of the brain to make the jury actually “see” what happened to cause the traumatic brain injury. The bottom line is, the better the explanation, the more sympathy the jury will have and the more likely they are to rule in the victim’s favor.

Call an Experienced Brain Injury Lawyer

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