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Testifying in court can be a frightening and intimidating process. As terrifying as it may be, it is a crucial part of a trial and an important tool for educating the jury about the facts of your case from your perspective. Your personal injury attorney can help you prepare for a successful in-court testimony. Below are some important tips that may help you.

Refresh Your Memory

Prior to going to court and testifying, try to picture the scene of the accident and exactly what happened. This will help you recall the facts in a more accurate manner, especially during cross-examination by the opposing attorney. California clergy abuse

Speak In Your Own Words 

It is very important that you refrain from memorizing what you plan to say under oath.Memorization can make your testimony come across unconvincing to the jury. Instead, you should be yourself and simply review the facts of the accident so you are familiar with the details.

Dress Properly

Your appearance may significantly impact how the judge and jury perceive you. Dressing very casual or very dressy may distract the jury. You should also not wear any flashy jewelry.

Never Give “I don’t Remember” Responses When You Don’t Know

Another important tip is not to respond to a question with an “I don’t remember” statement when you actually mean, “I don’t know.” Doing so will provide the opposing attorney with an opportunity to use any means possible to help you “remember” the specific event in question. In other words, you may be subject to an endless number of questions that may ultimately jeopardize your case.

Tell the Truth

Most important of all, you should tell the truth. This is important not only because you are sworn under oath to tell the truth, but also because not doing so will make you lose credibility in front of the jury.

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