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Personal injury attorney lawyerGoing to court is an intimidating process for most individuals. It is especially frightening to be cross-examined by the opposing attorney. However, if you are properly prepared, you can take the stand confident that you will be giving your best testimony.In preparing for your big day in court, your Los Angeles personal injury attorney will provide you with the following advice:

Do Not Memorize Your Story

It is very important that you do not memorize or rehearse answers to anticipated questions. Although your attorney will go over the facts of your case, he will never ask you to memorize your story. Rehearsing or memorizing answers to anticipated questions will cast doubt on your story and credibility.

Instead of memorizing the facts, your Los Angeles personal injury attorney will advise you to be familiar with them so you can honestly answer any questions asked while on the stand.

Do Not Give “I don’t remember” Responses When You Mean “I don’t know”

If you are asked a question that you do not know the answer to, you should simply state “I don’t know.” If you instead respond with “I don’t remember,” you will allow the opposing attorney to use any method possible to help you remember the specific even that is being questioned about. This opens up for the forum for an endless array of questions.

However, an “I don’t know” respond will convey to the opposing attorney that you simply do not know the facts to answer the question. At this point, your Los Angeles personal injury attorney can prevent the opposing attorney from any further inquiry into this issue.

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