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A number of factors can come into play to affect the success of your mental/emotional personal injury case. Even when an injury is easily provable, your credibility may be at issue. Additionally, defense lawyers may deny the trauma occurred in the first place. Psychological tests are useful under certain circumstances.

Personal injury attorney lawyerYour Orange County personal injury attorney knows that some mental injuries are easier to establish than others. Many different emotional disorders can result from trauma. The key is that the disorder did not exist prior to the accident. Even in the instance where a disorder existed previously, however, the damage the trauma caused may be argued. Even a condition such as bipolar disorder, that has a physiological basis, may have an episode triggered by accident trauma.

What will be especially useful to your personal injury lawyer is if there is no documentation of your having symptoms of emotional injury prior to the accident. However, psychological testing is sometimes used for less clear-cut claims.

There are many of these tests which psychologists variously administer to measure psychological distress. You may be given a battery of these written tests, some of which are objective, with others projective. Provided you do well on the validity scales and the objective test results show that yours is a new mental injury, this will help your Orange County personal injury attorney argue your case at trial.

Projective tests measure information from the subconscious mind. These tests may prove useful in bolstering the objective tests because they can measure symptomatology.

Your Orange County personal injury attorney will not be able to rely on psychological tests solely, however, in proving that your emotional injury resulted from trauma suffered in the accident. However, these tests will help your case in instances where the defendant denies that such trauma occurred, or when your credibility is questioned.

Proving your emotional injury will ultimately depend upon having a skilled attorney in your corner. For representation, contact dedicated Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas at (888) 848-5084. The initial consultation is free.