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The Orange County Register reports that police are still searching for a man who swindled an elderly Korean War veteran out of $19,000.

personal injury lawyerIn October 2008, the victim-a 79-year-old Korean War veteran who suffers from dementia-was enticed into a van driven by a stranger. According to the OC register, the stranger drove the victim to a Bank of America and instructed him to withdraw money from his account for a birthday party. After receiving $5,000 from the victim, the stranger transported the victim to a second Bank of America location where the United States Army veteran was told to withdraw $14,000 in cash.

Police are seeking the unidentified culprit and if apprehended, fraud or extortion charges seem likely. Taking financial advantage of someone in this manner can also be grounds for an elder abuse lawsuit.

Elder abuse is not limited to physical or psychological harm. Vulnerable elderly citizens can be harmed financially by unscrupulous guardians, family members or even by complete strangers. Although elder abuse is most often perpetrated by a caregiver or family member, the OC Register story details a possible case of elder abuse in which a stranger took advantage of an elderly citizen’s infirmities in order to cheat the victim out of thousands of dollars of hard-earned retirement money.

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