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The swine flu is slowly spreading across America, and insurers and businesses are getting ready for the possibility of swine flu related premises liability lawsuits. According to a news release from, some businesses may be more exposed to premises liability lawsuits in the event of swine flu than others.

Wrongful death AttorneyHospitality businesses-such as restaurants and hotels-may face lawsuits from customers and employees who become sick from swine flu after visiting an establishment. Certain businesses may also expose customers and employees to swine flu by the nature of their services, such as delivery services. Of particular concern for businesses is the potential for one case to act as a gateway for several claims of exposure to the illness.

Premises liability operates under the assumption that a property owner is acting in a reasonable manner to reduce or eliminate risks to those who visit or use the property. Illnesses represent another hazard for businesses to contend with. However, it cannot be forgotten that the patrons of these businesses also face these hazards and usually do not have the advantage of contingency plans that most responsible businesses have in place. Premises liability law helps maintain the balance of power between businesses and private citizens by ensuring that the safety of citizens is considered in a fair and reasonable manner.

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