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Southern California bicycle accident attorney Samer Habbas understands the threats that bicyclists face very well. He and other California bicycle accident lawyers help accident victims and their families every day. He is appalled that California continues to have some of the highest bicycle accident rates in the country that claim lives and change the course […]

If California’s lawmakers pass a proposed expansion of the state’s hands-free phone law, bicyclists could join drivers in receiving tickets for talking or texting while riding on streets and highways throughout California. The sponsor of the bill, Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto, believes very strongly that California’s hands-free bill, which took effect in 2008, should […]

There are many bicyclists getting around on California’s streets and highways and enjoying our famously sunny weather. It’s a marvelous and healthy way to get around while lowering one’s carbon footprint, but this mode of travel comes with significant risks. Many motorists fail to see bicyclists or observe a bicyclist’s right of way and collide […]