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Motor Vehicle Accident
  • June 2017
  • By Samer Habbas, Esq
  • In Insurance,

If you were seriously injured in a car accident caused by another driver who has little or no car insurance, you could be stuck without a way of getting compensation for your injuries – unless you have underinsured (UIM) coverage or uninsured (UM) coverage. These two types of insurance coverage’s allow you to get compensated […]

  • October 2009
  • By Samer Habbas, Esq
  • In Insurance,

As consumers, we all pay exorbitant premiums to insurance companies in good faith, expecting in a return of good faith that the insurance company will pay any claims submitted against your insurance policy. However, insurance companies are in business to make money, not to pay claims. Paying claims affects profitability. Enter “bad faith.” When you […]

Do you know the difference between uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance claims? If you’re like the average insured, you most likely don’t know the difference. The similarities between these two claims make it confusing to keep one from the other straight. Here are the basic differences between uninsured and underinsured car insurance claims: In an […]

In California, you are required to have a certain amount of liability insurance. The importance of liability insurance is so great that a state program exists to give low income drivers access to affordable liability coverage, as reported at insurance is necessary because it pays for damages caused by your vehicle in the event […]