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When you are sitting for your deposition in your personal injury lawsuit, you may be wary of the defense counsel trying to trick you into saying more than you should. Your Irvine personal injury attorney should be able to recognize these tricks and head them off. Here is some basic information on how lawyers get […]

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Every attorney has the right to protect his client from unfair questions by objecting. However, in Orange County personal injury cases, defense attorneys have been known to use objections in an abusive manner, using them to prevent personal injury attorneys from properly taking a deposition. Preventing such abuses of the legal system is relatively straightforward […]

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Defense attorneys often use certain abusive tactics during depositions that you might want to be aware of. A knowledgeable Irvine personal injury attorney will know how to deal with them. One such tactic occurs when the defendant (the person who caused your injuries) is being deposed by your personal injury attorney. Whenever your attorney reaches […]

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When sitting for your deposition in your personal injury lawsuit, it is common to feel nervous or intimidated about having to answer so many questions in an official setting. An experienced Irvine personal injury attorney can help prepare you for your deposition. Here are some general pointers on how to make a good impression: You […]