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motorcycle accident

Those who are using bicycles or motorcycles to get around in heavy traffic know that they are at an inherent disadvantage. With energy concerns and more focus on physical exercise for health, more Americans are getting on the road with human-powered vehicles like bicycles. Many of them understand that they are taking a risk for […]

motorcycle accident

A primary government safety agency is enlisting the help of individual motorcycle drivers to help educate others and promote safer roadways across America. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, has produced a program for motorcycle riders called the “Riders Helping Riders” initiative. The intention of this program is to encourage bikers to reach […]

Motorbike Accident attorney

In a recent crash on the 110 Freeway in Los Angeles, a motorcycle accident tied up carpool lanes and slowed traffic down to stop and go on the busy road. The accident involved a Los Angeles Police Department motorcycle officer. At the time of the report, the cause of the accident was undetermined. Therefore, we […]

motorcycle accident

California motorcycle riders may be on the lookout for dangers related to car and truck drivers, but there’s one thing that some of them might miss: the dangers of collisions with local trains.In a website containing safety information resources, Southern California’s Metrolink commuter train service provides motorcycle drivers and other motorists with some educational data […]