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The California Sixth District Court of Appeal recently issued a ruling that said that a homeowner who advertises a party on a social networking site “does not thereby assume a heightened duty to provide security.” The court affirmed the dismissal of a suit by three individuals who claimed that they were beaten and stabbed at […]

In a premises liability case that could establish an important precedent, 400 people who claim that they were exposed to toxins while they lived at the Ujima Village housing complex in Willowbrook sued Los Angeles County. LA County owns the complex, which Exxon Mobil formerly owned. The suit was filed in the Los Angeles County […]

The Orange County Register describes an incident where a man apparently suffered a broken leg while defending himself against two robbers who took his wallet. Police investigating the assault say the man was assaulted after he walked out of a store at 100 S. New Hope around 10:20 p.m. and two robbery suspects confronted him, […]

The swine flu is slowly spreading across America, and insurers and businesses are getting ready for the possibility of swine flu related premises liability lawsuits. According to a news release from, some businesses may be more exposed to premises liability lawsuits in the event of swine flu than others. Hospitality businesses-such as restaurants and […] discusses the efforts of communities and states to make safer playgrounds. According to the article, over 200,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for injuries suffered on America’s playgrounds. Serious head injuries, concussions and even catastrophic brain injury can result from slips and falls on asphalt and other surfaces that were once routinely used […]


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