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Side view of writing on clipboard while insurance agent examining car after accident

Side view of writing on clipboard while insurance agent examining car after accident

Have you ever seen a car driving down the street with a dog sticking its head out of the driver’s side window? Perhaps you have seen a dog barking and pacing in the backseat or a cat bouncing around a vehicle as it goes down the road. Maybe you are even guilty of bringing the family pet along with you for a drive every once in awhile. The truth is that California auto accident attorneys will tell you that having an animal free in the car can be just as dangerous and distracting as text messaging or talking to friends while driving. Loose animals lead to many auto accidents in California and all across the country. It may not seem like a big deal to take the family dog on a road trip. However, in reality, the animal, if not properly restrained, may cause a serious distraction to the driver.

Virtually all car accident lawyers in Southern California would advise that a driver should restrain an animal if he or she must travel with it. This ensures the safety of the driver, the animal and others on the road. An unrestrained animal can be distracting to a driver by jumping on his or her lap or getting down under the seat near the gas and brake pedals, which could lead to a fatal accident or serious injury. Contact an auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles or the surrounding area if you think you may have a case dealing with an accident caused by an animal being loose in a vehicle.

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