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Your personal injury case will probably require you to testify at some point, either in court in or in a deposition with opposing counsel. Here are a few important things to remember about testifying:

1. Perjury

There is never a good reason to lie under oath. Your Orange County personal injury attorney can justify and contextualize facts that may seem compromising, but he cannot justify a lie. Being deliberately misleading on the stand can severely damage your credibility and undermine your case.


2. Unauthorized Documents

You should not bring documents with you that your personal injury lawyer has not approved. This is because the opposing counsel has the right to see anything you bring into the courtroom that they have not had a chance to review. If you must discuss additional documents on a day you must testify, do so at the pre-deposition meeting. Ask your lawyer before bringing anything into the deposition room.


3. Provocation by the Opposing Counsel

It is possible that the opposing counsel will attempt to provoke you in hopes of trying to get you to say something that would compromise your case. Be on guard for this, and never lose your temper. If you find yourself unable to stay calm, ask your attorney to ask for a recess. Never let the opposing counsel draw you into an argument. Let your attorney argue with him for you.

Personal injury cases can be a long and complicated process. Make sure you have the right Orange County personal injury attorney to help you through the ordeal. Call experienced Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas today for a free consultation.