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Texting while driving continues to be a major issue on roadways all across America. In recent years, many states including California have put laws in place in order to curb the number of drivers distracted by their phones while behind the wheel. Studies show that teenagers are the age group that overwhelming engages in the most texting. Texting is just one of many distractions that teens face while driving. Adjusting the sound system, talking and goofing around with friends and snacking can all cause a teenage driver, or any driver for that matter, to become distracted from the road, which could lead to an accident.

Car Accident AttorneyAccidents due to text messaging can cause a great deal of damage to vehicles as well as serious injuries. All of this could be preventable if phones were not so distracting to drivers. This is what laws such as California’s no texting while driving law are trying to accomplish. The goal is to reduce the number of accidents caused by text messaging distractions. Teenagers are inexperienced drivers to begin with, and they must be aware that driving is a serious responsibility and that text messaging can wait until they are no longer behind the wheel of an automobile. Numerous studies and surveys show the same thing that most auto accident attorneys in Southern California would tell you, which is that inexperienced teen drivers are easily distracted and getting this to stop is a major issue.

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