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personal injury lawyerAn article on the website of Manufacturer’s Monthly illustrates how catastrophic workplace injuries can be. A workplace accident can occur at virtually any workplace and injured workers are often unsure about what to do if they are injured at work. California accident lawyer Samer Habbas has helped countless clients injured at work in his many years of practicing law. Here is a brief list of what to do if you are injured at work:

  1. A. Report the injury to your employer as soon as possible after the injury. If you suffer an injury or illness that has developed over time, report it to your employer as soon as you find out or believe that it has been caused in the course of your employment.
  1. B. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible. If you need treatment right away, visit an emergency room. For injuries or illnesses that do not require immediate treatment, your employer may tell you where to go for an examination. Wherever you go for treatment, tell the health care professionals that the injury or illness is work-related.
  1. C. Fill out a claim form. In California, your employer is required to provide you with a DWC Form 1, the claim form, within one working day after notification of your injury or illness. Fill out the form and return it to your employer.