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Personal InjuryA personal injury settlement is generally brought after an injured party files a claim or lawsuit against the at-fault party. Both parties can reach a settlement if the defendant agrees to the pay the plaintiff a certain amount of money to end the case. This scenario can even take place before the plaintiff files a lawsuit, hence the term “pre-suit settlement.”

Most personal injury cases settle before a lawsuit is filed and before the case goes to court. However, the question remains as to whether there is an actual “average” settlement amount for these types of cases, and if so, how much.

Is There Such a Thing as an “Average” Personal Injury Settlement?

No two cases are similar in facts. This means that no two cases are worth the same amount. The reason is that there are various elements surrounding a particular personal injury claim. As such, even what may be considered an “average” personal injury claim does not have an average predetermined value.

However, even though there is no average settlement value, there are some common key factors that are taken into consideration when calculating personal injury case values. These include the following:

• Defendant’s assets or insurance policy limit
• Property damage
• Plaintiff’s bodily injuries resulting from the incident
• Liability of the parties in causing the accident

How You Can Get a Fair Settlement

You and your Orange County personal injury attorney may not be able to immediately value your claim, but there are certain steps you can take to make sure you get the full compensation that you are entitled to for your injuries. Below are some important tips to consider on how to get a fair value for your personal injury settlement:

1. Fully investigate the incident – It is important that you gather all relevant information for your accident as soon as possible, including witness information, police reports, and medical records.

2. Take photographs of the scene of incident – Photographs can capture pertinent information for your case that may be necessary to determine liability and causation. You should also take pictures of your injuries to show how badly you were injured in the incident.

3. Do not simply hand over your medical records to the defendant’s insurance company. Some accident victims do this unknowingly by signing a release without knowing what it is. Your Orange County accident lawyer will need to first look at the records and determine what is relevant and what the defendant is entitled to.

4. Hire an experienced attorney to handle your case as soon as possible. The sooner you are legally represented, the less time the defendant’s insurance company can take advantage of you and de-value your claim.

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