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personal injury attorneyIf you have to testify in your personal injury case, either at a deposition or a trial, your Orange County personal injury attorney will begin preparing you long before the event. Your attorney will review with you the questions you can expect and provide you with advice tailored specifically for your situation.  No matter what the facts of your case, here are three tips that always apply when you are testifying.

  • Wait to Hear the Whole Question

One important piece of advice that your attorney will impress upon you is to wait to hear the entire question before answering. If you rush to answer a question, you may misunderstand the question and offer up information you do not need to volunteer.

  • Think Before You Answer

You should not answer a question until you have had a chance to think the question through and mentally go over your answer. Some of our clients find it helpful to imagine that the opposing attorney’s questions are the questions on a written form, such as a job or credit card application. Just as you would decide what you say before you press pen to paper when filling a form, you should decide what to say before beginning to speak when testifying.

  • Use Proper Grammar

You should try to use correct grammar, which we often neglect to do in informal settings, such as speaking a friend or a family member. The jury and the opposing attorney do not know you, so it is important that you give the best possible impression.

An experienced Orange County personal injury attorney will make sure that you are well-prepared to testify.  With proper preparation, you will have nothing to fear and will be able to testify with confidence when the day of your deposition or trial arrives.

If you or a loved one has suffered harm as a result of another’s negligence, you deserve to be justly compensated.  Skilled Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas will aggressively pursue your claim.  Call 888-848-5084 today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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