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car-accident-claimsCross-examination at trial tends to be a terrifying process for witnesses. The series of difficult and intricate questions that will be asked of the witness demands the assistance and preparation of an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney.


In preparing a witness for difficult cross-examination questions, Orange County personal injury attorneys provide the following tips:

  1. It is very common for an opposing attorney to ask leading questions to make the witness agree to a fact in the particular statement. However, you should not automatically assume that the “facts” are actually true simply because the attorney suggested it was true.
  2. It is acceptable for you to provide an approximation in response to an answer being asked by the opposing counsel. However, in doing so, you need to clearly testify that your testimony is only an estimate.
  3. Another common technique is for the opposing counsel to ask multiple questions at the same time. In such instances, prior to answering the question, you should ask the opposing counsel to clarify which one of the questions you need to respond to. Generally, your Orange County personal injury attorney will object to such lines of questions. However, if there is no objection, you should definitely ask for a clarification.

Cross-examinations tend to be a tough and uncomfortable experience for witnesses. However, if you are adequately prepared and remember these simple tips that your Orange County personal injury attorney recommended, you will be able to go to sit at the stand with more confidence and less fear.

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