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Car Accident AttorneyThere are approximately 5.4 million non-fatal car accidents each year in the United States. These accidents result in an average of 80 fatalities on roads each day. There are many different reasons why car accidents happen. However, statistics show that if motorists are aware of the top causes of motor vehicle accidents, it may help raise awareness and reduce the likelihood of getting into an accident. This article discusses the common causes of car accidents.

5 Leading Causes of Traffic Accidents
Below is a list of the 10 leading causes of traffic accidents:

  1. Speeding and Reckless Driving
    Speeding and driving recklessly is one of the main causes of motor vehicle accidents in the United States. Each road has its own posted speed limit – and for good reason. When a motorist is driving too fast or erratically, it reduces their ability to respond to the dangers of the road. For example, if you are driving too fast, you may not be able to stop in time before slamming into the car in front of you.
  2. Using a Cell Phone
    Cell phones have become a prominent part of our daily lives. We can talk, check email, text, surf the Internet, play games, listen to music, and just about do everything else on our cell phone. However, as important and helpful as cell phones may be, they can also be a major distraction for drivers and are a major cause of most accidents on the road.
  3. Other Types of Distracted Driving
    Cell phones are not the only form of distraction. Some other common types of distractions that commonly result in car accidents include, eating, talking with passengers, dealing with children, changing radio stations, putting on make up, and reaching for objects in the car.
  4. Drunk Driving
    Driving under the influence of controlled substances, such as alcohol, results in nearly one-third of all traffic accidents nationwide. Studies show that driving while intoxicated results in a 900% increase in the probability of getting into a car accident.
  5. Poor Weather Conditions
    Poor weather condition is also a culprit in motor vehicle accidents. During poor weather conditions, motorists may not be able to react quickly to other conditions on the road. It may also result in the driver having a more difficult time operating his or her vehicle. Poor weather conditions that commonly cause traffic accidents include icy roads, severe rain storms, high winds, snow storms and rain after a prolonged drought resulting in oily surfaces.

Regardless of what caused you to get into an accident, you should immediately consult with an experienced attorney if you believe the accident was caused by another motorist.

Consult with a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident that was caused by the negligent or reckless act of a third party, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. For more information or to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney, call the Law Offices of Samer Habbas today at 888.848.5084.