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Car Accident Attorney LawyerAn article published in Los Angeles indicated that the floor mats that led to some car accidents resulting in deaths and injuries might not be Toyota’s only problem with some of their cars. On August 28, a 2009 Lexus ES 350 raced out of control through Southern California and slammed into another vehicle, killing the driver and his three passengers. The driver was a veteran California Highway Patrol Officer, and the auto accident was the fifth fatal crash involving runaway Toyota and Lexus vehicles made by Toyota Motor Corp. in the last two years.

Hundreds of separate incidents where a Toyota vehicle suddenly accelerated have been reported to Toyota and/or the federal government recently. Except in cases where driver error was the cause, Toyota has blamed these incidents on floor mats that can jam open the accelerator pedal if not properly installed. This fall, Toyota issued the biggest recall in its history that affected 3.8 million vehicles made as far back as 2004. However, car safety officials think that floor mats are not the only problem.

The officials say that the Lexus crash and many similar crashes where a Toyota vehicle suddenly accelerated could be the result of ignition, transmission and braking systems that make it difficult for drivers to recover control of their vehicles safely when sudden and unintended accelerations occur. The problems and the massive recall have prompted Akio Toyoda, the president of the world’s largest automaker to make a formal apology.

“Customers bought our cars because they thought they were the safest,” he said. “But now we have given them cause for grave concern. I can’t begin to express my remorse.”

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